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Small Pond

St. Thomas Aquinas Summer Camp has, for many decades, provided a enthusiastic, safe and virtuous setting for children to play, make friends and grow in their faith. This has only been made possible by God's Will and the generous charity of the priests, religious, volunteers and donors.

Give Back

The boys' and girls' camps have been, for many young men and women, a source of inspiration and direction. This applies not only to their all-important spiritual life, but to their life in dealing with the world. The friendships and connections made here have led to young boys and girls growing into prosperous men and women. Please consider "paying it forward" by helping this great cause in any way that you are able.

St. Thomas Aquinas

Volunteer your time helping assist at camp. A wide array of roles awaits.

In your charity, please assist monetarily.

Help prepare before camp or in any other way.

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