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Welcome to the 2023 ICA Rome Pilgrimage recap!
“The primary mission of the Rome Pilgrimage is to express our faith in our Lord, our hope in Him, and our love for Him in our prayer.”

Father Jenkins on What Catholics Believe

The first thing our group did at every church we visited, was to head up to the main altar to pray a decade of the rosary. We offered those prayers for our loved ones back home, for our benefactors, and for those in special need of prayers.​


The text throughout the site is taken from the book "Pilgrim Walks in Rome" by P.J. Chandlery unless otherwise noted. To read more about each location, you can download a pdf version of the book, linked below.​


Use this website to re-live your pilgrimage, share memories with friends and family, or share it with others so that they may follow in our footsteps!

Father Jenkins talks more about the trip on an episode of What Catholics Believe.
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